Web Hosting Trends 2019

Web Hosting Trends 2019

The Web Hosting industry is constantly evolving which is characterized by persistent hardware and software upgrades and better protocols. Also, a lot of emphases are laid upon Search Engine Optimization nowadays. This eventually made Web Hosting more secure, and stable.

Also, it has largely helped many sites with exceptional performance. In this post, we would like to share some of the latest web hosting trends.

Green Hosting

Green hosting is certainly one of those web hosting trends that have gained massive popularity. The concept has been increasingly getting popular since 2019 and if you are wondering as to what exactly it is, it is an environmentally friendly way to run a web hosting company and offer users web hosting services.

It involves using Green technologies or technologies with less impact on the environment and it comprises using carbon offsetting, using renewable energy, planting trees around the data center and of course, using energy-saving practices and appliances.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is yet another important trend in web hosting for the reason that it comes with many benefits. If you are not very familiar with Cloud Hosting yet, it involves storing your data on a virtual cloud server.

Also, you have the advantage of pay for the resources that you use as you can scale up or scale down your cloud resources as per your needs.

Also, it is highly beneficial for businesses that need expensive systems and equipment since now, such businesses can largely cut down on these expenses by simply using the resources of a cloud computing service provider.

New Protocols for Authentication

Another striking trend that we had seen in 2019 is the fact that more and more providers have laid the utmost importance on making the account administration more secure with the help of two-factor authentication.

This may either use a secure one time code via SMS or email or use CAPTCHA to block spammers and bots.

Also, most of the providers offer users the option of a time-based one-time password algorithm for Google Authenticator or Authy and what it does is keep your accounts doubly secure.

Better Website Builders

Even though there is an excellent range of stunning themes available in the market for every category of websites these days, there has been a stunning growth in the popularity of these Web Page Builders and the trend started since 2019 onward.

Most importantly, these Web Page Builders have got a lot better than before. Also, users are being able to build any type of design using drag and drop editing without having to touch a single line of code.

This is for the same reason that more and more providers have started to incorporate these Page builder in all of their plans. It is certainly one of those trends that have largely made things convenient for the users.

VPS over Shared Hosting

There has been a growing trend among the users to switch to VPS from shared hosting considering the fact that VPS offers more control and better resources than shared hosting.

The trend started in 2019 and no wonder, it can lead to the end of shared hosting in the coming years. It is certainly one of the best trends to follow.

Enhanced Security Protocols

The aspect of web hosting security has got the utmost attention in recent years and features such as SSL certification, constant monitoring of servers and networks, encrypted storage, and compliance checks of CMS to ensure there is no security compromise.

On top of that, almost all the plans these days come with SiteLock. For those who are not familiar with SiteLock, it is a pretty handy feature that scans your site and helps you detect vulnerabilities such as SQL injection flaws and cross-site scripting.

On top of that, it will keep you informed via email of every threat that it finds on your site.

CMS Specific Automated Backups

Although many of the providers have been already offering automated backups before 2019, it included storing all folders and large sets of data.

However from 2019 onward, there is a new trend on the rise and unlike the traditional automated backup, developers are striving to offer better CMS specific backups and this is certainly going to be a lot quicker and effective with even option for hourly backs.

What makes it different from the old-time backup is the fact that users can only retrieve that portion of the data that they need without having to restore the entire website data over again.


No matter if you are a newbie or an expert, it is always wise to keep up with the latest trends to always be at the safer side and at the same time, this will help you find effective ways to enhance the performance of your website.

In this post, we shared 7 of the best web hosting trends that every web hosting user should know to keep oneself aware.

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