How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting in 2019

How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting in 2019

WordPress is a free open-source platform that can be accessed by any user and is used for website building and content management that improves your website from personal to global corporate websites. WordPress is designed to adapt to any platform, it contains wide collection of WordPress themes and plug-ins.

The Best WordPress Hosting In 2019

The multiple options in WordPress hosting are Shared web hosting, Free web hosting, VPS, Dedicated and Managed Web hosting. The best WordPress improves your SEO and in turn, increases the sales. Choosing the best among many web hosting companies is a big challenge, you need to decide based on the type of website, budget and time.

  • Free WordPress Hosting – They provide free web hosting portal i.e which is completely free but contains some limitation in controls
  • Shared WordPress Hosting – The multiple websites share the same IP address and the server includes the memory, hard disk space, and bandwidth
  • Virtual Private Server – They have access to provide certain portion of resources on the server, they allocate resources to VPS users depending on their requirement, at additional charges you can avail extra space and memory
  • Dedicated Hosting – The server resources are allocated to a single client, you have the access to use hard disk space, bandwidth, speed, security and SEO aspects
  • Managed WordPress Hosting – They provide specific hosting that provides WordPress based websites, they include CMS update, automatic updation, security, and website performance.

Factors of WordPress hosting are :

Speed – The load time of your website

Uptime – The amount of time that stays and running time, it must be at least 99.94%

Customer support – 24*7 help you answer your queries storage – The amount of space on the web server that is allocated for your website

Best WordPress Hosting Services

1. Bluehost – It is the popular web hosting service among bloggers and corporate business that was launched since 1996. The uptime is 99.99%, load time is 419ms, the page size is 660.5kB, 24*7 customer support and provides discounts, free domain, SSL and template for your site. HINT: There is an Bluehost Black Friday Sale for 2019 which you shouldn’t miss out.

2. HostGator – The WordPress hosting was launched since 2007 that has more than 8 million domain users. The uptime is 99.9%, load time is 421ms, the page size is 457.4kB and 24*7 customer support. They provide a 62% discount on web hosting, free domain name, and free SSL certification

3. SiteGround – The service is launched in 2004 and has more than 800,000 domain names. The uptime is 99.99% and load time is 714ms, it provides stable speed, free site transfer, free SSL certification

4. A2 Hosting – It is a popular web hosting service that was founded in 2001, they provide cache memory to store data in the browser. The uptime is 99.91%, load time is 392ms, the page size is 326.9kB, they provide 24*7 customer support and it is categorized as a fast web hosting service.

5. Site5 Hosting – The service was launched since 1999 by Matt Lightener that delivers the best web designing patterns. The uptime is 99.98%, load time is 704ms, continuous customer support and assures 90 days money-back guarantee.

6. iPage – The service was launched since 1998, which is owned by Endurance International Group which assures economical services. The uptime is 99.98%, load time 831ms, fast speed, affordable pricing for users.

7. Dreamhost – The service was introduced since 1996 and is awarded as an Award-winning web and WordPress hosting. the uptime is 99.94%, load time is 724ms, the page size is 450.6kB, provides unlimited bandwidth, faster speed, and 24*7 customer support.

8. InMotion Hosting – It was founded in 2001 that has more than 300,000 domains and is popularly called as Web Hosting Hub. The uptime is 99.94%, load time 803ms, reliable service with economical cost and reachable customer support.

9. GreenGeeks – The service was formed in 2006 which has more than 300,000 website domains. The uptime is 99.93%, load time is 520ms, the page size is 601.0kB, provides 24*7*365 customer support, free data transfer, free domain name, free site migration and assures 30 days money-back guarantee.

10. Arvixe – The service was founded in 2003 by EIG. The uptime is 97.75%, load time is 5977ms.

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