5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For New Websites

5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For New Websites

Plugins are software that contains functions that are added to the WordPress website, they are written using PHP programming language, it provides advanced features for the website to make easy access for users. WordPress contains a wide collection of plug-ins that are available for free. In this blog, we have list 5 must-have WordPress Plugins For New Websites.

WordPress Plugins For New Website

1. Revive Old Post 

The Revive old post version that is available now is 8.4.3 and has more than 1 million users. The social media redirects 31% traffic to the website, which means they provide most of the traffic. The survey shows nearly 2 billion and 300 million users are using Facebook and twitter every year, hence the plug-ins must be installed to bring high traffic. Hence the revive old post analyze new and old post on the webpage and shares them on social media. You can schedule the social media publication, provide hashtag and link reference to bring customers to the website by redirection. They provide both free and premium versions.

2. Yoast SEO 

The Yoast SEO current version that is available in 12.0 and has 1 million users, it is the popular SEO tool that is available in WordPress. They help to improve SEO ranking, increases your content readability and make your content easily accessible. SEO brings more organic traffic to your website, the best keyword makes your website rank higher. The Yoast SEO optimizes the WordPress post and pages with the help of keywords and meta descriptions. They help to improvise your content and make it readable. The cost of Yoast SEO is free and provides premium service with advanced features.

3. UpdraftPlus 

The latest version available is 1.16.17, it is the most popular plug-ins of WordPress which has two million users and ranked high. They make an automatic backup for the website, store the backup in cloud storage and helps to restore the old website state. They make backup regularly, restores them and provides secured stored options, cloud storage. This prevents hackers to hack the website and fetch your information. If you need to restore files from cloud storage you can just press the restore button that is available in UpdraftPlus software. The UpdraftPlus provides free service.

4. Compress JPEG and PNG Images 

The current version is available in 3.2.0 and has 1 million users. For a website an average size of files that are available are 63% images, hence images make your webpage more presentable and attractive. The images improve the website performance, optimizes the WordPress images that increase the page loading time. When your page is not impressive then you lose 79% of users from online shoppers. The JPEG and PNG images compress the files, upload them to WordPress and optimize them accordingly which intern reduces the space using the lossy compression. You can compress the images for free up to 500 images each month.

5. WP Rocket 

The WP Rocket provides caching plugins that increases the loading time and boost the speed for the WordPress websites. You can cache the web pages, provides user-end browser caching, improves loading time and consolidate caching problems using Content Delivery Network. They provide services at nominal charges. 

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